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No matter how well a contract is drafted, there may still be disputes regarding its validity, meaning and enforceability. Business contract disputes are an unfortunate reality for many businesses, and when those problems arise, it is important to have an experienced law firm by your side.

Fierstadt & Mans, LLP has more than 20 years of experience protecting the interests of clients in Pasadena and Southern California. We get to know the personal situation of each client. We explore all viable options for resolving the legal issue at hand. Many disputes require mediation before going to trial, which our law firm skillfully provides.

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Get the Resolutions You Need in Business Contract Disputes

At Fierstadt & Mans, LLP, we represent business clients including corporations, partnerships and sole practitioners in a variety of disputes:

  • Contracts for the sale of goods
  • Employment contracts
  • Partnership agreements
  • Buy/sell and lease agreements
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Service contracts
  • HOA contract disputes

It is important to protect your interests and the interests of your business by hiring an experienced law firm in your contract dispute. Whether your case is settled through mediation or requires litigation, our firm will be on your side.

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